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Small Business Caucus Meeting

Tuesday we attended the Small Business Caucus Meeting in NCC to discuss ways the Legislators can better assist and represent the interests of small buisnesses to help our economy grow.  The following is the email inviatation.  I encourage as many of you to attend the Dover and Georgetown meetings as can make it.  Be sure to bring specific suggestions for the group. Jen   State Rep. Dan Short (R-Seaford) and State Rep. Bryon Short (D-Highland Woods), both of whom are small businessmen, formed the Small Business Caucus to unite members of the General Assembly that share a common concern about the welfare of small businesses in the First State.

The next meeting is:

SussexCounty, November 4, noon
Possum Point Players auditorium
441 Old Laurel Rd., Georgetown

Both legislators said small businesses have been increasingly burdened by stiffer regulations and higher costs – challenges that have become all the more exacerbated by the slumping economy and falling revenues.  They note that small businesses are collectively the largest employers in the state, so helping them succeed benefits all Delawareans.

The Small Business Caucus boasts more than a dozen members from the House and Senate.  Reps. B. Short and D. Short said they expect that the meetings will be well attended by local legislators and urge business owners to take advantage of the unprecedented access the gatherings will provide.

Those interested in attending should RSVP to Blaine Breeding at (302) 577-8480 or blaine.breeding@state.de.us.

October 26, 2009 – Meet with Wilmington Finance Department

I received a call last week from an attorney working with the City of Wilmington on some ordinances that would affect our industry if doing business inside the city, so Steve Bomberger and I headed to Wilmington for a 5 pm meeting to listen and review the ordinances.  They require the Contractors to take responsibility for all subs on a job to have a valid City Business license (which is good) but it places the burden and enormous penalties and compliance requirements on the contractor.  We have sent these to our attorneys on the board and will be sending feedback to them shortly.

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