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Homebuyer tax credit!!

What a great week it was to have the Homebuyer Tax Credit pass both the House, the Senate, and get signed by the resident all in just a few days!  Check out the entry under “news” on th HBA/DE website home page for a link to all the details and particulars.

Back to DE…

New Orleans was 3 full days of meetings from breakfast, through lunch, and right on until dinner time each day.  But the knowledge and skills we acquired should really give us a boost in delivering real value to our members.  The conference combined 3 conferences into one:  the Leadership Conference, The Membership Conference, and The Government Affairs Conference.  Mak Grahne, HBA/DE’s incoming president for 2010 attended te leadership tracks while Jenn Hudson concentrated on membership services,recruitment and retention best practices and I focused on the Government Affairs classes and roundtables.

NAHB is such a professional and knowledgable association to be a part of.  Their knowledge, systems and staff are a strength and resource to help us in any situation.  Look for more information sharing at upcoming meetings and seminars as we roll out all the new and great ideas and services to you.

Thanks so much for the great training opportunity!


NAHB Summit on Association Excellence

Well, today I am headed to New Orleans for the 3 day Summit on Association Excellence by NAHB.  Jenn Hudson is attending, as well as incoming HBA/DE president, Mark Grahne of Atlantic Homes.  The summit is jammed packed with 3 solid days, 37 different seminars and lots of leadership workshops to attend.  But our goal is to come back with some great ideas on membership retention and recruitment to help all of you get those spike credits, learn how to best deal with Government Issues and Regulatory changes that are coming, Building Code Changes, business management and basics, and overall association excellence.  I will keep you posted.  Thank you the opportunity to improve both our staff, our leadership and our association!

Back in Dover there is a lot of activity today with a mini-training session at the HBA/DE office to review the upcoming energy code mandates to the 2009 IECC code as of 1/1/10.  We are putting together a series of info-sessions to help te members implement the new legislative requirements into operations smoothly.  Keep an eye out for those sessions on the website.

There is also a meeting today with DNREC Secretary Collin O’Mara and our Green Building Council to review the NAHB Green program.  This is a valuable program for building green certified homes that we home to see the State embrace.  Expect an update on these meeting later in the week.

Lastly, Don’t forget to check out the upcoming events and seminars on our website.

Jen C.

City of Wilmington Ordinance

Today was consumed by reviewing and writing a position statement from HBADE on the new City of Wilmington Ordinances relating to Contractor Licensing.  In between, time was spent on planning the 2010 Calendar of Events and writing budgets.  Once it was written, reviewed and re-written, I submitted it via email to Councilman Freel and the attorney working on the ordinance as part of the public record for tonight’s hearing.  We can only hope they see the undue hardship this ordinance places small contractors and homebuilders in their attempt to increase compliance of licensing for subcontractors in the  city.

The NAHB Summit on Membership

Jennifer Hudson and I will be heading to New Orleans on Wednesday for 3 days of intensive training on Membership, Events, Government Affairs, and Leadership by NAHB.  The schedule is intense and there are so many sessions to attend that look good that we will really have to pick and choose.  Our goal it to bring home some ideas on how to make 2010 a great year at the HBA of DE for all of you!!  Look for updates during the week.


Hello world!

Good Morning, Members.  This blog is a way for me to share with all of you what we do on a day to day basis to promote the housing industry and our members.  I hope you find this informative and useful!

Jennifer Casey

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