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HBADE Health Plans Increase at just 5% for 2012

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As Chairman of the Search Committee, it is my honor to introduce one of our own, Howard Fortunato, as our new Executive Vice President of the Home Builders Association of Delaware (HBADE).

Howard Fortunato

Howard has extensive industry and association experience and is no stranger to the diverse activities of HBADE.  He currently serves on our Board of Directors as an Associate Director and brings a unique perspective to the position.  In addition, he has served the HBADE as a Builder Member, Associate Member, and as a volunteer at various events and activities.  During his tenure at his current employer, Landmark/JCM, Howard was a founding member and the first President of our Green Building Council, leading that group successfully for 3 years.   In addition, he was instrumental in launching and promoting green building in Delaware and helping the HBADE launch the successful DE Green for Green program.  Most interesting is that Howard was the HBADE Executive Director in the mid to late 1980s prior to the merger with HBA of Lower DE.

Howard will start in early March, spending a few weeks working with our outgoing EVP, Jennifer Casey, for a smooth transition. Howard stated that “he looks forward to promoting our Mission and increasing the ranks of our membership.”

While we are all sad to Jennifer moving on, we are blessed to have found a leader with the knowledge and background to carry on her legacy.  Please join me in welcoming Howard Fortunato as our new Executive Vice President.

Mark Grahne
HBADE Search Committee Chairman
HBADE Immediate Past President

Coming Soon: Member Marketplace


Membership has it’s advantages!  Easily and affordably post products, services, land, homes and career opportunities/wanted and more.  Coming soon!  All listings for free the first 30 to 45 days.

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Builder Success Panel Video Now on NAHB.org; EOC Session Reminder

On Feb. 9 at the International Builders’ Show, 2011 NAHB Chairman Bob Nielsen gathered a group of builders from around the country to share how they have steered their businesses to prosperity through the recession with tactics such as green certification, cost-savings, enhanced amenities, event marketing, distressed lot and foreclosure conversions and unique financing.

So that members who weren’t able to attend the session can learn from the best practices shared by their peers, NAHB has posted video excerpts from the panelists’ presentations online at www.nahb.org/ibsbuilderpanel.

Check out this opportunity to gain valuable insights from builders about their successful strategies including promoting utility cost savings realized from green features and appliances, repurposing distressed lots or buying and remodeling foreclosures, and more.

The session panelists were:
• J. Gary Hill, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Tradition Homes and president-elect of the North Carolina HBA
• Carolyn Rolfes, President, Potterhill Homes, LLC and president-elect of the HBA of Greater Cincinnati
• Stillman Knight, President and CEO, The Knight Company
• Philip Beere, Founder, G Street™ and the G Home™

Steve Bomberger appointed to NAHB Committees

Congratulations and much appreciation to one of our HBADE members for his dedication to our industry and association.  Steve Bomberger of Benchmark Builders has served on the NAHB Federal Government Affairs Committee the past year.

He has now been appointed to serve on the NAHB Budget/Finance Committee and Single Family Production Builders Committee for 2012-13.

In addition, He is serving as a Trustee and the second vice chair of the 50+ housing council in 2012 -13 with plans to chair the 50+ housing council in 2014 – 15.

Check out the online Membership Directory

Be sure to go check out the online membership directory. Member Log ins will be available shortly where you may enhance your profile online to better promote your business. The new membership site is located at membership.hbade.org

Members are our life blood. Thank you!


Summary of the 2012 Nationwide Permits

On February 15, 2012, I sent out an email alerting you that the Corps has reissued its nationwide permits (NWPs).  In response to my email, I was asked by some NAHB members to distill the many pages of STUFF that the Corps published along with the new permits and put together a very short summary of what the Corps has done, so the members will not need to plough through the hundreds of pages of Corps’ documents and web pages to figure out what has changed.  This email is my attempt to do that.

Summary of the 2012 Nationwide Permits

As you know, NWPs are authorized under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act and are simplified permits used for dredge and fill activities with minimal environmental impacts, such as aquaculture, installing road crossings or utility lines, stormwater management, and new this year, renewable energy generation (new NWPs 51 and 52).  All of the new batch of NWPs are effective March 19, 2012.   However, activities authorized by the current NWPs issued on March 12, 2007, that have commenced or are under contract to commence by March 18, 2012, will have until March 18, 2013 to complete the activity under the terms and conditions of the current NWPs.

The February 21, 2012 issue of the Federal Register contained the reissuance of 48 of the existing 49 NWPs.  Most of the NWPs were not changed in a major way from the language as issued in the last reissuance of the NWPs in 2007.  But, be aware that Corps division commanders can add regional conditions to NPWs, after public review and consultation, in order to protect special local aquatic ecosystems.  NWP 47 was not reissued, but the activities covered under that permit, inspections and repairs of pipelines, will now be covered under NWP 3 for pipeline maintenance and NWP 12 for utility line activities.

The attached summary table was put together by the Corps. It lists all of the active NWPs addressed in the 2012 reissuance and outlines the changes, if any, made to the NWPs.  I have colored in yellow the NWPs in the table that I think developers and home builders would be most likely to use, but I am sure that there are instances where other NWPs are used, at least on occasion, by this industry.  If you really want to dig into why the changes were made to a particular NWP, you can find the Corps’ reasoning in the document titled “2012 Nationwide Permits Final Decision Documents” located on the corps’ website at:  http://www.usace.army.mil/Portals/2/docs/civilworks/nwp/2012/2012_nwp_decisiondocs.pdf.  Other background material on the NWPs are available at:  http://www.usace.army.mil/Missions/CivilWorks/RegulatoryProgramandPermits/NationwidePermits.aspx.

Along with the reissuance of the NWPs, the Corps has reissued all of the NWP definitions, some have been modified, and added three new definitions (“Direct Effects;” “High Tide Line;” and “Indirect Effects”).  It also reissued 28 existing general conditions, some with modifications, and added three new general conditions (GC 19, Migratory Bird and Golden Eagle Permits; GC 21, Discovery of Previously Unknown Remains and Artifacts; and GC 24 Safety of Impoundment Structures).  Permittees are responsible to comply with general conditions that are pertinent to a particular NWP activity.  Going forward, you can check the attached NWP summary table to see if the NWP has been revised in any way with this reissuance, and you should also review the language of the NWP definitions and the general conditions that apply to any NWP that you use.  Worth noting is the change that has been made to the waiver provisions contained in NWP 29 for Residential Developments and NWP 43 for Stormwater Management Facilities.  The new waiver provisions state that for activities resulting in the loss of greater than 300 linear feet of intermittent and ephemeral stream bed, the district engineer will only issue the waiver after making a project-specific written determination that the activity will result in minimal adverse effects.


Environmental Policy Analyst
Water and Wetlands Department
National Association of Home Builders
1201 15th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005
D 202 266 8662
F 202 266 8056 T 800 368 5242 x8662


Time to ReEvaluate, ReFocus and ReCommit to Green Building
Register for the 2012 National Green Building Conference & Expo!
Everything you need to know about building is at

“Meet the Newly Elected NAHB Senior Officer Team”

Placing titles to names, then names with faces, is a way of having our Federation members at home see the actual volunteer leaders who have made a decision to give back to their industry what their/our industry has provided them; a career in the most noble of professions, providing shelter. As you will see and read below, our senior officer team may remind you of leaders at home. In fact, they were, still are, leaders back home. Another way to demonstrate to our Federation members is to follow what our national volunteer leadership is working towards; our industry’s recovery.

Our NAHB senior officers, in particular,Chairman of the Board Barry Rutenberg, need our engaged passion to help them with initiatives designed to help the builder get back to work. If it affects a builder it will affect an associate so the overall goal is to help our entire membership get back to work. While the media keeps touting “job creation” our senior officers are delivering strategic road maps that will help with “job retention” and eventual “job restoration.”

The board of directors in Orlando just experienced a very passionate debate regarding certain by-law amendments, with those in favor engaging the grassroots to support and those opposed equal to the task of messaging. NAHB now needs the membership, who fought hard on both sides of the by-law(s) issue to bring that same enthusiasm, that same passion and that same grassroots outreach, to deliver to our senior officers the membership mobilization needed to help them help all of us.

NAHB advocacy; political investing, calls to action and grassroots passion uniting builders AND associate members, along side HBA staff giving us all the power of one voice in Washington, DC. That one voice carries with it the echoes hundreds of thousands building industry professionals.

 Our newly elected NAHB Senior Officer team, BRAVO!

(From NAHB.org)


NAHB Chairman of the Board
Barry Rutenberg, Gainesville, Fla. 
Taking the reins as 2012 IBS Chairman this month, Barry Rutenberg is president of Barry Rutenberg and Associates, Inc., and has more than 35 years of experience in the housing industry. He has developed more than a dozen communities and 1,000 homes in and around Gainesville. He has also been active in the NAHB leadership structure at the local, state and national levels throughout his career, having served on NAHB’s Board of Directors since 1980 and on more than 25 NAHB committees and councils. He has also served as an NAHB National Vice President representing Florida and Puerto Rico for three two-year terms. Read more here.


NAHB First Vice Chairman
Rick Judson, Charlotte, N.C.
Rick is a builder and developer who owns the Evergreen Development Group. He has several decades of experience in land development and construction of single-family, multifamily and commercial projects. Read more here.
NAHB Second Vice Chairman
Kevin Kelly, Wilmington, Del. Kevin has been a builder and developer since he joined Leon N. Weiner & Associates in 1979 and became actively involved in the Home Builders Association of Delaware. His building experience includes land development, multifamily and single-family home building, with an emphasis on affordable housing. Read more here.
NAHB Third Vice Chairman
Tom Woods, Blue Springs, Mo.The newest member of the NAHB Senior Officer team, Tom joined the NAHB leadership ladder with his election to the post of Third Vice Chairman during the 2012 International Builders’ Show. He is president of T.E. Woods Homes, a company he founded in 1974. His firm has developed scores of communities and more than 1,000 homes in the Greater Kansas City area. Read more here.
NAHB Immediate Past Chairman
Bob Nielsen, Reno, Nev.A leader in the Reno area home building and development industries for more than 25 years, Bob is president of Shelter Properties, a development and management company headquartered in northern Nevada. Read more here.
NAHB Chief Executive Officer
Jerry Howard, Washington, D.C. Jerry heads up NAHB’s professional staff working out of the National Housing Center in Washington. He has served as the association’s CEO/EVP since February of 2001. Read more here.

Let’s also give special acknowledgement to all the past presidents, and now past chairmen, of our Federation, too many to name here on this blog but each extremely special in their leadership efforts and dedication in protecting our industry. Thank you, to all.

click here for the history of NAHB > http://www.nahb.org/NAHB_History/index.html

Submitted by:
Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP


The “pay-if-paid” clause…Know what you’re dealing with

Construction Industry Advisor Winter 2012
compliments of Santora CPA Group

The “pay-if-paid” clause…Know what you’re dealing with and more

The $5.7 BILLION Value!!!

$5.7 Billion in Increased Member Revenue and Reduced Member Costs

NAHB 2011 Advocacy Value

NAHB Advocacy identified 14 accomplishments that could be evaluated in terms of additions to members’ revenues or reductions in members’ costs.

These accomplishments include Congressional enactment of higher FHA loan limits, defeat of proposed EPA stormwater regulations, and federation victories connected to building code requirements. Many other actions that deferred, deterred or eliminated negative actions on members’ business were reviewed but only those with specific and identifiable outcomes were evaluated.
NAHB Economics and Housing Policy estimated the impact of the individual accomplishments using data supplied by federal agencies, from NAHB past research or from estimates of impact originally used to support NAHB policy. For actions that affected future production, NAHB’s forecasts for single-family and multifamily production and single-family new home sales were used as a base. For actions affecting workers, NANB’s estimate of 1.5 construction workers per single-family home and 0.5 construction workers per multifamily home were used.

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  • IHA Meeting Focuses on Housing Affordability December 15, 2017
    Housing affordability continues to be a priority for housing experts not just in the United States, but worldwide, said participants at the 2017 Interim Meeting of the International Housing Association held in Tokyo last month.
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  • 2018 Could Bring More of the Same: Tight Labor and Costly Materials December 14, 2017
    NAHB Chief Economist Robert Dietz provides a brief summary of the challenges builders faced in 2017, and describes the impacts of hefty tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber.
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