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Cancelation for Next Wednesday…

Unfortunately, the May 1st Building Blocks Seminar- “Importance of an Integrated Marketing Campaign” and Happy Hour at W.T. Smithers, Dover DE has been cancelled.

We’ll see if we can reschedule it sometime soon!

Spring Golf Outing Slots Filling Fast!

Get in now on the Spring Golf Outing and Mexican Fiesta, to be held at
Maple Dale Country Club, Dover, DE on Thursday, May 10, 2012

For pricing on sponsorships, foursomes, singles, and dinner only registrations click here

Register ONLINE NOW! click here 

Becker Morgan Selected for Salisbury University Project

For Immediate Release           Contact: Kim C. Lutch, Senior Associate

Date: April 6, 2012

Becker Morgan Group Selected for Salisbury University Dormitory Renovation

 Becker Morgan Group, as part of the Whiting-Turner design / build team, was selected to provide professional services for the Choptank and Chester Residence Hall renovations at Salisbury University. This project entails the modernization of the residential environments in the two existing high-rise residence halls, as well as related site and utility improvements. The renovation is pursuing LEED certification as part of the University’s ongoing sustainability initiatives. Construction of Choptank Hall begins in June 2012, and the newly renovated facility will be ready for student occupancy in Spring 2013. With construction beginning in January 2013, Chester Hall will be ready for students in Fall 2013.

Becker Morgan Group provides Architecture, Civil Engineering, Surveying, and Interior Design services. The firm has offices in Maryland, Delaware, and North Carolina. For more information, visit www.beckermorgan.com.

HBADE Membership Benefits from the BENEFITS CONNECTION

CHECK THIS OUT, another benefit of your membership in HBADE! Another Great Renewal Don’t Throw Away Your Money Delta Dental’s SmileWay SM Importance of Employee Waiver Forms  New Bank Options for HSA Accounts Do You Know? Please Share

March – April 2012
 The Benefits Connection is the largest association  plan in Delaware. Since 1980, the Benefits Connection has served the small and mid size businesses by providing:

  • Group Healthcare
  • Group Dental
  • Group Vision
  • Group Term Life
  • Group Short Term Disability
  • Group Long Term Disability
  • Voluntary Products with AFLAC
  • Workers Compensation
  • Wellness Program

Your Human Resource Director:Beth Fisher

  • 302-294-2059
  • fisherb@ncccc.com
  • The Benefits Connection offers a Wellness program
    that includes an individual Health Risk Assessment
    and a website library that will provide information
    regarding conditions, concerns, nutrition and so on.More about the Benefits Connection’s Wellness Program…

    • Another Great Renewal

    We are pleased and proud to announce that the strength of pooling has once again helped us negotiate a favorable renewal for our members. As you know from your renewal packets we have a renewal that is well below trend, added a new HSA plan and continue to offer Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, Disability, Workers Compensation and Aflac through the Benefits Connection.  Overall our medical plans have a 5% increase. Some will see more of an increase due to our plans using age band rating. Our Dental companies have renewal increases from zero to 9%.  For our renewal, we have outlined each company within the Benefits Connection with their individual renewal information for our members. A link to this outline is below. You will also find information on all the plans offered by the Benefits Connection on our website at http://www.ChamberBenefitsConnection.com. We are also available for employee presentations.  Any questions can be directed to:

  • Beth Fisher 302-294-2059
  • Beth’s Email fisherb@ncccc.com
  • Allen Insurance Group 302-654-8823
  • Allen’s Email allen@alleninsurance.com
  • For anyone who missed our renewal webinar there is a recorded webinar on our website that you can attend at your convenience. Go to the Newsletters & Webinar tab at  www.ChamberBenefitsConnection.com2012 Renewal Information Summary…..

    • Don’t Throw Away Your Money

    Especially those of you who are enrolled in an HSA Plan
    (Health Savings Account) and have a deductible before the insurance companies pays expenses you should:  Use Medical Aid Units whenever possible. Emergency rooms are costly and should be used for critical care. Medical Aid Units are faster and much less costly for the sports injury, cut finger or minor illness.  Prescription medications are expensive and contribute to 25% of your healthcare premium. Ask your doctor for a generic drug whenever it is available.  For any maintenance drug use the mail in program. You will get a 90 day supply for the cost of 60.Get Your Mail In RX Form…..

    • Delta Dental’s SmileWay SM >

    Delta Dental’s SmileWay SM Wellness Program celebrates National Nutrition Month.
    In our fast-paced world, we can easily lose sight of what we’re eating and opt for convenience. We may not take the time to eat regular meals and find ourselves snacking on the go instead. How can we be sure to keep what we’re eating healthy? Learn more about what foods are good for you and good for your oral health by visiting Delta Dental’s SmileWay Wellness site. Read articles about nutrition and oral health and take quizzes

    • Importance of Employee Waiver Forms

    It is that time of year again – employees are adding and dropping coverage, changing plans, adding dependents – sometimes the changes can be tough to keep track. How are you, as the employer, protecting yourself? Are you positive each change has been properly documented? What about those employees that don’t want or did not accept coverage?  We strongly encourage and recommend employees confirm their choices, signed and in writing. At least once a year, and as events occur throughout the year, employers should have employees “sign off” regarding their benefits selections especially if they decide to waive benefits for any reason. It is important to have employees sign an employee benefit waiver form for all benefit choices and especially for medical benefits.  As an employer you do not want to be caught in a situation where an employee comes back to you and says “I wanted coverage”. What better time than now, open enrollment, to cross your t’s and dot your i’s. The following links are the standard waiver forms for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware and AmeriHealth of Delaware. Waiver & Enrollment Forms…..

    • New Bank Options for HSA Accounts

    We have added two new banks for your Health Saving Account’s funding account. Bancorp is still available along with Artisans Bank and M&T Bank.  Health Savings Accounts (Fund accounts)

  • Artisans Bank
  • http://www.artisansbank.com/healthsavings.cfm
  • M & T Bank
  • http://www.mtb.com/hsa
  • Bancorp Bank (Amerihealth participants)
  • http://www.yourbancorphsa.com
  • Bancorp Bank (BCBS participants)
  • http://www.myadvantagehsa.com
    • Do You Know?

    Healthcare Reform is moving forward and you may find this link helpful to see how various situations will be affected by Healthcare Reform. Healthcare Reform by Kaiser Family Foundation…..

    • Please Share

    his newsletter can be shared with others and should be shared with all members of the Benefits Connection. Thank you for ‘passing the word’.

    http://www.alleninsurance.com 800-486-1244

    Weekly Legislative Report

    Below is the legislative brief for this week.

    Storm Water Regulations

    The coalition letter that was drafted and signed by a number of business groups, including HBADE, was delivered to Secretary Collin O’Mara and Governor Markell on 3/14. Secretary O’Mara discussed the letter with us and offered to have a small group of the industry experts sit at the table with Deputy Secretary Dave Small to discuss the specific issues and concerns that the business groups all have. He indicated that he would be willing to hold off on promulgating the rules for a few months to sit down with us and work to find common ground. He has asked that we be as specific as we possibly can with our issues. Dave Small is coordinating the meeting. Some progress has been made but we are still waiting for a meeting.

    A small group met with Governor Markell, Deputy Secretary Small and Frank Piorko on 3/20. The governor was receptive to the concerns raised by our group. There were a few specific questions raised that Deputy Secretary Small was going to look into internally. Otherwise, the rest of our specific concerns will be addressed in the upcoming meeting with DNREC. Howard has drafted a letter for Markell as follow up. The letter has been mailed.

    Legislative Update:

    Senate Bill #195


    Primary Sponsor: Ennis, Introduced on: 4/3/2012.

    CoSponsors: Rep. Walker, Sens. Bunting & Venables; Rep. Keeley, Carson, Jaques, Osienski

    Synopsis: This Bill provides for disclosure materials and information to be distributed where additional density or bonuses have been granted by the local government. It also provides for penalties for failures to provide these materials at the discretion of the local jurisdiction.

    Update: Howard and Scott are working with NAHB on an opposition letter with bullet points to provide to Kim/Rhett pass along to Rep. Walker by Friday, 4/27.

    House Bill # 255


    Primary Sponsor: Lavelle. CoSponsors: Rep. Hudson & Rep. D. Short & Sen. Venables & Sen. Booth, Reps. Hocker, Briggs King, Peterman, Willis, B. Short; Sen. Sokola

    Introduced on: 1/24/2012

    Synopsis: This bill requires all regulations to be reviewed every five years to determine if the regulation should be amended, repealed, or left unchanged.

    Update: Rep. Greg Lavelle asked HBADE support the legislation and attend hearing. The bill was placed in the Housing Administration Committee but no hearing has been scheduled to date.

    Senate Bill # 167


    Primary Sponsor: Peterson; CoSponsors: Sens. Blevins, Ennis, Sokola & Simpson; Reps. Gilligan & Ramone

    Introduced on: 03/15/2012

    Synopsis: If a municipality or county passes a land-use ordinance that violates state law, an aggrieved party has only 60 days to file a court challenge. After that, the ordinance cannot be challenged, nor can subsequent decisions based on that ordinance be challenged based on its invalidity. This Bill seeks to remove that bar, recognizing that the enactment of an ordinance that violates state law cannot be legitimized by the passage of time.

    Update: There are a number of groups that have expressed their opposition to this legislation. In light of the concerns raised, Sen. Peterson is reworking the bill entirely. Rhett shared the subsitute bill on Tuesday, 4/24, which we circulated for review by the GA Committee. Anyone wishing a copy should email Howard – hfortunato@hbade.org

    House Bill # 166


    Primary Sponsor: Brady; Additional Sponsor(s): Rep. Bennett & Sen. McDowell. CoSponsors: Reps. Kenton, Ramone, Scott; Sens. Bonini, Cloutier,

    Connor Introduced on: 06/07/2011

    Synopsis: This bill exempts the half of the State realty transfer tax for first-time home buyers. This bill also allows the Department of Finance to adopt rules and regulations for an affidavit to state the names and professional license number of the real estate brokers, salespersons, or other licensed professional receiving commission money. This will enhance the ability of the Department of Finance to collect income taxes due on the commission money, particularly from non-residents.

    Update: We have been working with Todd Stonesifer, President of DAR and Charlotte Herbert, Executive Director to propose potentially amending their legislation to include our proposal. DAR is doing a study to help support the legislation.

    House Bill # 227


    Primary Sponsor: Q. Johnson; Additional Sponsor(s): Rep. Longhurst & Sen. Bushweller. CoSponsors: Rep. Jaques

    Introduced on: 06/30/2011

    Synopsis: This bill requires that bids for all newly constructed dwelling units using public financial assistance shall indicate the extent of the universal design standards in the proposal. Public financial assistance includes a contract with a state agency, real estate donated by the State, State tax credits, grant assistance from State funds, State loan guarantees, federal funds administered by the State or its agency, and funding from location governments and their agencies. In selecting a bid, the extent of universal designs use may form a basis to award the contract based on the best value, rather than lowest bidder. The bill sets up a 40-point scale covering the key elements of universal design.

    Current Status: Out of Committee On 01/25/2012

    Update: HBADE sent a formal opposition letter to Quinn on 2/10. Per our request, Quinn met with a small group of HBADE members to discuss his proposed amendment. The amendment includes a clarification on tax credits and a technical change in the point system. We reiterated our concerns on the legislation and cited specific examples. We are researching similar models in other states in an effort to offer an alternative solution, if one such exists. Quinn has released the revised legislation, which has been circulated. The hearing will be on 5/2 at 3:30 pm in the House Majority Hearing Room.

    Regal Awards Next Week – Register Today!

    Registration is Open for our Roaring 20’s Regal Awards, but time is running out!  Dress is Semi- Formal. Dinner & Cocktails 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Socializing and networking combined with elegant dinner selections featuring gourmet food stations. Awards Presentation 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Theatre-style presentation of awards. After Party 9:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.

    6pm-10pm at Sheraton Hotel, Dover, DE

    Tickets $75 until 4/30/12

    After May 1st $100

    Register here:


    Spring Golf Outing Registration Now Open!

    Get in now on the Spring Golf Outing and Mexican Fiesta, to be held at
    Maple Dale Country Club, Dover, DE on Thursday, May 10, 2012

    For pricing on sponsorships, foursomes, singles, and dinner only registrations click here

    Register ONLINE NOW! click here 

    Final Floodplain Regulations

    There are some proposed changes coming to State Floodplain regulations which are part of Senate Bill 64.  Please take a look and comment back to HBADE by next Friday.  The proposal can be accessed here, we also published a flash to the membership yesterday.


    Celebrity Chef Night a Success!

    Our Celebrity Chef mixer event last month cooked up to be very succesful.  Many associate members attended to sample the culinary expertise of our builders’ themed food stations at Noble’s Pond.  Besides being a fun event for all, it worked to allow builders and associates to meet and mingle.  Thanks again to all our builder chef’s and sponsors.  And special thanks to members Harry Miller and Mary Field for hosting the event at their clubhouse.

    Here’s a reprint, printed with permission by Delaware State News.

    Attention Builder Members of 55+ Communities

    Some of our members are looking to create a program which provides incentives for buyers to purchase in a 55+ community. The qualifications for this program are: new, multi or single family homes in Delaware. Must be a 55+ community where 80% of homeowners are 55 and older and no one under the age of 18 lives permanently within the community.

    Noble’s Pond in Dover is holding an informational meeting for builders and developers to discuss their findings and ideas.  The meeting will be Tuesday April 24, 2012, 10am at Noble’s Pond.

    If you wish to attend, please contact Mary Field at Noble’s Pond, mfield@noblespondhomes.com, or by phone 302-736-5000.

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