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NCC Stormwater Maintenance Seminar

We just got a copy of this seminar offered by New Castle County.  Registration is technically due 10/31 but if interested you should contact them immediately, maybe they have a few slots still available:

2013 SWM Residential Seminar Flyer

Delaware State Housing Authority Free Seminar November 19th


Perfect topic for builders’ sales staff and mortgage lenders!

Check out our next Events Newsletter each Tuesday.  DSHA and HBADE are partnering to hold an informational seminar on all their programs.  Tuesday, November 19th, 9-11am at Christiana Hilton in Newark.  Continental breakfast provided.  See our Events Newsletter for details – no cost to attend but advance registration is required.

You will walk away with an array of new products to help sell more homes.  And remember, DSHA is now more than just for first time home buyers!

Affordable Care Act – Seminar Coming Soon — Save the Date

Are you as confused about all the new rules, regulations, requirements of health insurance as we are?

Our next General Membership dinner meeting will focus on the Affordable Care Act and the solutions to it from our Benefits Connection insurance program.

John Allen of Allen Insurance will break it all down for us.

Look to our Events email newsletter next Tuesday for details and registration information.  The meeting will be November 21, 2013 at Noble’s Pond Clubhouse in Dover starting at 5:30pm.


Have You Registered for IBS Yet?


whats new

whats new 2

Have You Registered for IBS Yet?


whats new

whats new 2

Good News from NCC County Exec Tom Gordon!

Capital Recovery PR

Guest Post: How Google’s Hummingbird Update Affects HBADE Members

Members may be interested to read this blog as it looks to help shape their website. Note that HBADE has accepted this as a guest article from Chris Vella and makes no representation as to the content.

In late September, Google announced that it had replaced its existing search algorithm with a new algorithm named “Hummingbird.” Whether you heard news of its importance or not, it is vital that you understand how this affects your online presence and Internet marketing efforts as home builders, remodelers, and associates of the industry. A major change like this has not been made to Google’s algorithm since 2001 according to Google’s search chief Amit Singhal, and Hummingbird affects more than 90% of searches worldwide. HBADE would like to provide its members with a digestible understanding of the changes Hummingbird brings and how you can make this update work in your favor.

The sooner the members of the HBADE take the following information and apply it to their online marketing and site development, the better. This news is valuable and its implications are unknown to most outside of the tech industry. If you use Hummingbird to your advantage and implement a strategy that compliments Google’s new algorithm now, your competition will be far behind as you lead the pack.

What is Hummingbird?

We now understand that Hummingbird is the name of the new algorithm Google uses to serve better search results to its users, but how does Hummingbird work better? What changed?

Hummingbird is focused on understanding a searcher’s intent, rather than just keywords. With searches on mobile devices and voice searches becoming more common, queries are becoming more conversational. Hummingbird has responded to these shifts in the way a searcher forms queries by developing a better contextual understanding. This means that Google will no longer look at each individual keyword in a query and match the searcher with the most relevant page based on those keywords. Instead, Hummingbird will try to identify the intent of the search by using contextual clues and match the searcher with the most relevant page that will satisfy that intent.

Hummingbird looks to improve Google’s ability to interpret conversational search queries like, “How tall is the Empire State Building?” Notice that instead of searching for something more direct like “height of empire state building” we chose to phrase our query in question form. It’s as though we’re holding a conversation with Google, and Hummingbird aims to answer our question as directly as possible.

These are just two known features of Hummingbird, however Google has said that many of the preexisting components of the algorithm have changed or been updated as well. So, if you noticed any unusual differences occur in your site’s organic (search) traffic around August 26th, the cause could be Hummingbird or a variety of other changes the algorithm underwent. Although Google announced the change publicly in late September, the update had already been implemented for about a month at that point and had gone virtually unnoticed.

Why is this important?

Whether you have a team of SEO (search engine optimization) analysts or it’s just you working on your web presence, Hummingbird is a big deal. The strategy that you have been using to develop your site was put to the test when the new algorithm was put in place. If your strategy was to create meaningful, high quality content that benefits your customers, potential customers, and any individuals who interact with a potential customer then your site has become super charged with the release of Hummingbird. If writing fluff articles stuffed with keywords was your strategy, I’m sorry to say that Hummingbird has turned all of your hard work to waste. Your page now has to do more than match someone’s keywords in their query.

If you’re thinking, “I don’t have a strategy!” don’t panic. Hummingbird awards websites that help people. What can your website do to help people?

A good example of a home builder blog

This Pittsburgh builder uses its blog to help people in the community find everything from open houses to the right type of spackle for DIY projects. It’s a good example of how helping people can help a website.

The blog delivers posts on a variety of topics including home maintenance, the surrounding communities, and their available homes. So thinking back to what we learned about Hummingbird, if someone searches “decorated model home near me” (let’s assume you live in Pittsburgh) Hummingbird would make the post below more likely to show in the results, assuming you have provided Google with your home address or current location.

The overall goal is to satisfy a visitor’s intent when coming to your site as best you can. Identifying and developing the purpose of each page of your site is a great way to accomplish this goal. For example, the purpose of the blog post featured above is to provide visitors with information about a model home that can be toured during their grand opening event.

Someone searching for “decorated model home near me” likely has the intent of touring the decorated model home because they want one that is in proximity to them, so if this blog post was the page they chose to arrive at from their search results it is likely that the visitor will be satisfied. This means that Google was successful in providing the searcher with their desired information and you were successful in defining and delivering your purpose, increasing your site’s ranking.

Chris Vella is a search analyst at LunaMetrics, a digital marketing agency in Pittsburgh, PA. He follows Google’s updates closely & uses them to the advantage of his clients.

HBADE Butch Alfieri Associate of the Year October Nominations

Yesterday our Board of Directors met, and our Builder members nominated two Associate members for consideration of Associate of the Year 2013.  Nominated this month were Jeff Haggerty and Mike Riemann.

Jeff Haggerty is with Grubb Lumber.  Jeff, as Treasurer of HBADE, is a member of our Executive Committee.  Jeff was nominated as our longstanding Golf Chair, as we just completed another year of successful golf outings.

Mike Riemann is a Senior Associate at Becker Morgan Group and an HBADE Board member.  Mike was nominated for his recent submission of comments regarding pending new legislation at Kent County, recent engineering perspective suggestions to DelDOT for the Subdivision Manual regulations, and suggestions to Staff for the upcoming Complete Communities seminar.

Congratulations Jeff and Mike.  We ALL appreciate your generous time and participation!

Welcome New HBADE members in October

As you know, our Board of Directors meets monthly to review and approve new membership applications.

Yesterday, we  approved and welcomed two new members to the HBADE family.

A.H. Angerstein – Associate Member

Siegfried J. Schulze, Inc. – Associate Member

Congratulations to these newest members of HBADE, and we look forward to seeing you at our next event!

Becker Morgan Group Announces New Employees


Dustin J. Dooyema joins the firm as an Architectural Designer in the Salisbury, MD office. He is a graduate of Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Architecture, and brings over 6 years of experience in the field of architectural design. Dooyema previously worked for one of the largest architectural firms in the Southern New Mexico/West Texas region where he gained experience in educational, residential, and commercial projects. His project experience with Becker Morgan Group includes the William F. Cooke, Jr. Elementary School in Wilmington, DE; Walgreens in Ocean Pines, MD; and residences in Ocean City, MD and Corolla, NC.


Elaina C. Iosue joins the Salisbury, MD office as a Marketing Assistant. She graduated from Salisbury University with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism/Public Relations and Political Science. Iosue will provide corporate marketing support for all three offices. She has previous experience in public relations, marketing, and event planning.


Celebrating 30 Years, Becker Morgan Group provides Architecture & Engineering services. The firm has offices in Maryland, Delaware, and North Carolina. For more information, visit www.beckermorgan.com.

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