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U.S. Senate in Washington Votes Against the EPA Water Rule

We want to thank all of our members that answered our request and took time this week to contact Senator Carper and Senator Coons, to encourage them to vote in SUPPORT of S. 1140 (as you recall, this bill would have required EPA to withdraw the Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) rule and address the many procedural flaws).


Unfortunately our industry encouragement and support of the bill was not sufficient. Senator Carper and Senator Coons both voted against the bill.  The bill ultimately failed to pass at the Tuesday vote in Washington.


Here is the Statement from NAHB Chairman Tom Woods released Tuesday after the vote: “We are disappointed with those senators who chose politics over sound public policy. Regardless, we will continue to fight to overturn this ill-defined and erroneous rule that infringes on states’ rights and triggers costly and burdensome permitting and regulatory requirements. EPA and the Corps need to start over and work with affected stakeholders to get it right.”


Since the vote Tuesday, NAHB has been working on a number of avenues to obtain relief from these rules that if left unchecked ultimately could lead to higher costs and thus reduce housing affordability.


Again, we thank all of you for voicing your support. Even though the vote did not go our way, our collective voice of NAHB was clearly heard on Capitol Hill. And we want to thank you for your patience, having received from us three “Call to Action” emails in 3 days.  We thank you for your understanding.

About HBA of Delaware

HBA/DE has been an integral part of the growth and economic development of the State of Delaware since 1947. HBA/DE was founded as a non-profit state affiliate of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) representing home builders and other businesses directly related to Delaware's Home Building Industry. Consisting of Builders, Remodelers and a group of diversified associate members, the Home Builders Association of Delaware strives to protect and preserve housing as a symbol of America.


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