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Building Performance Industry Hall of Fame Inductions

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 Rick Karg, Bruce Manclark, Ed Minch, Gary Nelson and Rob deKieffer Inducted into Building Performance Industry Hall of Fame 

Building Performance Industry Hall of Fame Inductions

Five new individuals were inducted into the Building Performance Industry Hall of Fame. Nominated by their peers and selected by a panel of impartial judges, these individuals were recognized for their significant and lasting contributions to the building performance industry over the course of their careers.

Ed Minch: Over the course of four decades, Ed Minch and Energy Services Group have focused on analysis, measurement and cost-effective repairs to make homes more efficient, saving builders and homeowners billions of BTUs. Minch founded Energy Services Group in 1981 and is known as the “Original House Doctor” because of his development of the Princeton House Doctor Approach of total systems analysis.

Ed claims that he was the first person to sign on with Princeton Energy Partners October 1981 and thus the first business to combine the blower door and an infrared scanner to diagnose thermal defects in homes.  “We learned new math, one plus one equal three” says Ed, because we could locate all the energy defects in homes and consider how they affected comfort.   This diagnostic process uncovered thermal bypasses and convective loop losses and today is the basis of the Energy Star New Homes, Thermal Enclosure Checklist and energy details in the International Energy Conservation.

Join Ed and his friends at Energy Services Group during Earth Day, April 22, 2016 at 6:00 PM at 10275 Little Patuxent Pkwy in Columbia Maryland.  We will recognize Ed, “Dr. Minch”, for his many years of service to the community of builders and home owners who have benefitted from his expertise.

Contact Energy Services Group, Susan Coolen at 410.760.4801 for more information and details of the reception on April 22, 2016

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