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Home Builders: You Need to Be Aware of Electrical Licensing Issues

Home builders need to be aware there has been a law on the books for a few years that requires electrical journeypersons to directly supervise apprentices on all jobsites, and unlicensed apprentices are no longer allowed to work. “Direct” means on-site at all time and the supervising electrician (master electrician or journeyperson) is responsible for the apprentice’s work.

A new law was recently passed that allows the State to perform spot checking of new home jobsites – without advance notice – for electrical apprentices and journeypersons. Despite the best of intentions and logistics and scheduling glitches which may come up, some electric subs recently found themselves fined due to unlicensed apprentices on the job and the journeyperson was not onsite.  In addition, some licenses had not been renewed or processed properly.

This can hurt the builder’s production and delivery schedule until the fines, etc. are cleared up and the subcontractor firm can get back up to full staffing.

If the electric sub has to stop and catch up license applications, this will take time – the State currently has a backlog of applications right now due to conditions they have found in the last couple months.

What can builders do:

  1. Be aware your electric sub must have the master electrician or journeyperson onsite at all times if they have apprentices doing work.  Work with your subcontractor to make sure of this.
  2. Be aware State electrical board officials/inspectors can show up unannounced anytime at your jobsite to check the licensing credentials of all the electricians.
  3. Builders can “self-police” their electrical sub’s workers by asking to see their certification card; or they can check online – and click on “verify license” bottom left corner.

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HBA/DE has been an integral part of the growth and economic development of the State of Delaware since 1947. HBA/DE was founded as a non-profit state affiliate of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) representing home builders and other businesses directly related to Delaware's Home Building Industry. Consisting of Builders, Remodelers and a group of diversified associate members, the Home Builders Association of Delaware strives to protect and preserve housing as a symbol of America.


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